We make marks that tell a story.


What We Do

Making Your Mark has been our slogan since 2002 when we took a good look at just what we'd been doing for the past 20 years.  Social trends and technologies are constantly evolving and changing the way we relate to each other and do business. Now, more than ever before, you need a strong identity that stands out in the crowd.

Want to attract customer attention with a striking design or groovy graphic?  We do that.

Starting a new venture from scratch or wanting to update your old branding?  We can help you.

Our Services

Whatever your product or service is, we do it all -

  • logos
  • corporate Identity
  • business cards
  • web site development
  • packaging
  • illustration
  • signage
  • uniforms/livery
  • advertising
  • print design
  • original character design

The Process

Our process is simple.  We make it our business to understand your business. Communication is the key. It is essential that we get to know you and your product or service, your culture... whatever it is that makes you tick... and when we have enough information the creative journey can begin, together.

No Nasty Surprises

We keep in constant communication throughout the creative process to ensure you are happy with the direction we are taking you.  We like to work with our clients and will not force anything on you, no matter how good we think it is, unless you want us to. Whatever it is you need we help you make the best choices for your business or project. 

Stand out from your competitors and be noticed.  Call today and let us help you start making your mark. 

Still don't know what we do? Take a look here.

Competitive pricing

There is no premium on a good idea - but there are limits to what people can afford or are prepared to pay for a good idea.  So we work to fit your budget.  We are very competitive as our overheads are minimal and we are not greedy.  Call us to discuss your project now.

We like making marks - let us make yours!


John (at Adroit Design) did great work on our logo at a time we needed to step up and had little cash to do so. He came up with our logo on the smell of an oily rag, and I am still very happy with the result! Check it out at www.motovated.co.nz
— Greg Morehouse, Managing Director of Motovated Design & Analysis Ltd.